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"Acceptance College is in the business of changing lives for the better."
Dr. C. Maple, President of Acceptance College

Don't be afraid to be successful.  Apply today, before you lose everything.  Without a college degree, your life is meaningless.  Without a college degree, you live in fear of losing everything you love and value.  Without a degree, you are known as a failure in every single way.  People don't like you or respect you unless you have a degree.  Most women will not marry or even consider a relationship with a man without a degree.  It is an embarrassing problem that makes you less of a man.  Men without degrees cannot please their lovers.  Only with a college degree, can you have the confidence to be successful.  The same rule also applies to women.  Women without college degrees are more likely to be single and unattractive to men and society.  A degree from Acceptance College can change everything. 
Thus is Acceptance College.  Where your work is good enough.   You are guaranteed an opportunity to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies.  This rigorous program will prepare you for a successful life and employment promotion.  To discover how this is possible contact the admissions department via the form on the right side of this page.  They can make your life so much better. 
"Can they do this?  Why ain't we doing this?  Man, this is a great idea."
Dr. P. MacCracken, President of NAAUCU and Chancellor of Alabama Pacific University. 
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"Acceptance College guarantees students the most innovative and successful unaccredited collegiate experience money can buy.  Your academic satisfaction is our top priority as soon as you meet your financial obligations to us.  Sign up before it is too late."   

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