Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you count classes taken at different schools for my degree and why shouldn't I just take all the classes there?

That is a really immature and really quite poorly constructed question.  First, you take classes at our outsourced education providers for credit on your VMTC degree.  Second, the degree you receive at VMTC is not offered at those schools.  We take a combinatorial approach that provides you the best of all outsourced content. 

Van Meldon used to help students that didn't have any money.  Now it is just about the money.  Don't you think we lost something?

I can't believe you asked such an ignorant question.  The school has been upgraded by the new owners to serve winners.  Losers, like the graduates of the past, need not apply. 

This financial aid being outsourced really sucks.  Why don't you do it here?

Obviously, you aren't very smart.  Obviously, our solution is in our best interest.  

It isn't fair all the surcharges we pay for services that are free at other schools. 

That isn't a question; it is a comment.   

How can you do an online class on electronics and stuff you have to actually do?

I am satisfied that our simulations are adequate for even a marginally intelligent student such as yourself.