Van Meldone Training School was founded by Oscar Van Meldone and opened its doors in 1944 to train veterans of the Second World War.  It continued to operate until the death of Oscar Van Meldone in 1962.  In 1963, it was closed by his widow, June Van Meldone.  Peter "Fridgey" Smith, a graduate, purchased the college in 1964 and reopened it.  In 1972, it was purchased by the Alsworth Corporation to train its service technicians.  After the bankruptcy of the Alsworth in 1974, it was purchased by the Leonid Partners Inc.  They changed the name to Leonid Training School.  After the Leonid Partners went broke in 1977, it was acquired by the National University and Technical School.  The college prospered with more than 500 students enrolled through the late 1970s.  In 1984, National University sold the college to Jack Van Meldone, the grandson of Oscar Van Meldone.  It was renamed the Van Meldone Technical College and focused on training disadvantaged youth in the technical professions.  Hundreds of poor students were able to turn their lives around because of the low cost education offered by the college. In 1996, Jack Van Meldone died and the college was transferred to his brother Jake who continued to train disadvantaged youth.  In 2003, Jake was sued by the New Leonid Corporation for control of the school.  After a lengthy legal battle, Jake won the case, but was forced to sell the college to pay his legal and medical fees.  In 2007, the college was purchased by the Profit Educators LLC, a for profit educational holding company. They revitalized the school and made it into a profit generator.  Profit Educators also added the Online Methodology in August 2007. Enrollment currently is estimated at 586 active campus students and 1,400 online students.

1944-1962 Oscar Van Meldone
1963  CLOSED
1964-1972  Peter  "Fridgey" Smith
1972-1974 Alsworth Corporation
1974 -1977 Leonid Partners
1977- 1984 National UTS Holding Corp.
1984- 1996 Jack Van Meldone
1996- 2007 Jake Van Meldone
2007- Present For Profit Educators LLC.