The Consortium of Unaccredited Colleges and Universities CUCU was founded in 1996 in Orland, Wyoming. 

The charter members were:
Calhoun-Tsuc College reorganized into the Central Internet College and later reconfigured into the American Freedom College,
Basin Ridge Evangelical American School for Teachers,
Wescott College now part of the Intra Continental Institute,
Alabama Pacific College now called Alabama Pacific University
Franklin Academy of Remedial Training reorganized into  Franklin University of Central Kentucky

These schools are all associated as physical schools or being centered on 'bricks and mortar' campuses. Many members of the NAAUCU are primarily Internet Education Providers. 

In 2000, the CUCU faced mortal difficulties after the failure of Wescott College and extreme financial problems crippled all member colleges.  Also in 2000 Basin Ridge and Calhoun-Tsuc were temporarily closed during ownership changes.  Rather than dissolving, the CUCU approached the NAAUCU concerning a merger.    

Other schools were added that didn't meet the criteria after the merger; this made the CUCU financially more viable as a component of the NAAUCU.  However, they receive probationary status until they can gain full sanction from the CUCU. 



The Consortium of Unaccredited Colleges and Universities represents the superior subcategory of the upper tier school members in the NAAUCU.  These organizations actually have an active self-accreditation mission while the others have lesser standards.  These schools represent the higher tier of unaccredited excellence.

All of these schools have actual libraries.  Some schools think they can be schools without libraries.  That is ridiculous; everyone knows you need at least one book.  All of these schools also have at least one PhD. level faculty member. 

Only two of the college presidents of the CUCU have GED or lower as their terminal degree.







Consortium of Unaccredited Colleges and Universities

Contact Information is available from our Association Secretary.