Lower Intra-Continental Institute was created in 2005 by combining the assets of four failed and unaccredited colleges: Wescott College in Utah, The Best Online Institute, Argentina and Poland College of Africa (APCA), and in 2006 National University and Technical School.   In 2006, the locations of the college will be reopened under the LICI name. 
West-Central Internet College opened in 1996 as a satellite/bricks and mortar campus of Central Internet College Inc.  It functioned as a liberal arts college and sought to extend the CIC curriculum.   Due to a naming rights issue it was renamed Wescott College in 1999.  CIC moved all classwork online and closed the Wescott campus in 2002.  In 2005, LICI purchased the physical campus.  This is now the headquarters of LICI.
The Best Online Institute specialized in rare automotive repair; it opened in 1996 and closed in 1997.  It was a charter member of the NAAUCU. This school holds the distinction of only having 5 enrolled students and no graduates.  LICI purchased the naming rights and history of the Best Online Institute in 2005.  By purchasing the Best Online Institute, LICI is now considered a charter member of the NAAUCU. 
The Argentina and Poland College of Africa (APCA) opened and closed in 2004; its curriculum focused on international fashion and dance.  It was founded by International Fashion and Dance LLC. of Utah.  After bankruptcy, many associated with the APCA joined the faculty and staff of the LICI. Our world campus locations are all former APCA campuses.
National University and Technical School was opened in 1996 by the Poly-Technical Partners of Montana.  In 1999, after the death of the majority owner, it was sold to Apostles of the New Earth (ANE).  In 2000, The ANE sold their students to another college and issued their diplomas on napkins. Students and former graduates rioted and forced the ANE to close the campus.  After the bankruptcy, its campus was purchased by the Tagoma Institute and its lab equipment was purchased by the Alabama Pacific University (APU).  LICI purchased the naming rights and history to National from APU in early 2006.  The owners of LICI are considering using the National University and Technical School brand to better leverage market share in Poland and Online.   

LICI is also considering purchasing other brands and institutions.  If we don't have it, why not buy it?  All campuses are accredited by the NAAUCU and is the only multi-campus system in the NAAUCU.  

LICI provides the best education of any unaccredited school online or in person.  SAVE MONEY AND SAVE TIME.  The future of LICI is boundless and the sky is the limit.