DUE TO POORLY ACHIEVING ALUMNI, LOWER INTRA-CONTINENTAL INSTITUTE has purchased the rights to use the alumni of the American Freedom College. 
  • American Freedom College is proud to have many distinguished and successful alumni in consideration of the size of our institution. Some of our most famous graduates are listed below.
  • Daniel Zeyser (1960)is founder and President of American Safety Systems. His work making the industrial work place safer and more productive has led to higher production across the country. In October, Daniel began a three month trip to Mexico where he will advise industrial firms on how to reduce accidents.
  • Richard Meyers (1953) after a brilliant law career was appointed ambassador to Yemen by President Ronald Reagan.
  • Edward Courtway (1901) was appointed Deputy Post Master General of the United States by President Hoover in 1929.
  • Elsie Granger Smith (1921) co-founded the National Union for Teachers and Students in 1949.
  • Mitchel McKracken (1898) and his brother Phil (1900) started a small manufacturing firm in Chicago which later developed the camera control unit (CCU). This invention allows the video operator to control the color and brightness balance while taping.
  • Harold Barney (1936) served in the Second World War. After his return, he completed law school and later became the president of Franklin College of Central Kentucky. Harold is still very active with the institution and recently related that Franklin College is now Franklin University.